Ultimate Guide of Free Download Printable Animal Word Search Puzzles

Ultimate Guide to Free Download Printable Animal Word Search Puzzles

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Who doesn’t like animals? From the adorable puppy to the exotic lion, the unique features of each species is something we love! The printable Animal word search puzzles we’ve handcrafted are some of the best around. Animals highlighted include those that dwell in the forest, the desert, the plains, the sea and everywhere else on earth. Find your favorite animal!

  1.  The young animals are always cuter! Be it a puppy, a fox or a dolphin, the cute faces before developing into an adult animal are perfect for pictures. Animal Young Word Search Puzzle
  2. Baa! Woof! Neigh! The noise of animals are one distinction of the different creatures. As humans, we find ourselves fascinated with all the noises that come from animals! Animal Noises Word Search Puzzle
  3. If you think animal faces are cut, then you need to check out all the animal tails. From short stubby knobs to long, curling tails, each animal tail functions in a different way. Animal Tails Word Search Puzzle 
  4. Did you know Ant can carry 50 times their own weight? They can also ruin picnics (so don’t invite them!) Ants Word Search Puzzle
  5. The buzzing you hear is from the bees! If you love honey and flowers, you probably are a bee lover! Bees bat their wings roughly 200 times per second (they must be tired at night!) Bees Word Search Puzzle 
  6. Don’t wait until the cows come home to play this fun puzzle. Cows do love attention though. So make sure you wave hello!  Cows Word Search Puzzle 
  7. If you want to see the best pups in the world, check out a dog show. There are three major dog shows with dozens of smaller venues.  Dog Show Word Search Puzzle 
  8. It’s tough being a dog! Hugs, love and fetching are priorities. So are long walks with the owner!  Dog’s Life Word Search Puzzle 
  9. Quack! Quack! Ducks are hungry creatures. They love to eat plants in the water, small fish,worms, insects and occasionally bread (that a human drops on the ground.) Ducks Word Search Puzzle
  10. Elephants are an amazing animal. Baby elephants weight about 200 pounds when born! That’s huge!  Elephant Word Search Puzzle  
  11. The feathers of a bird are a very important part of the flier. The Penguin has more feathers per square inch than any other bird!  Feathers Word Search Puzzle 
  12. Did you know the Firefly can talk to each other with their light? Technically fireflies are beetles, but they can put on an amazing light show! Firefly Word Search Puzzle 
  13.  The Grasshopper can jump 20 to 30 times it’s length. If they use their wings, they could go as far as eight miles an hour! Grasshopper Word Search Puzzle
  14. When you watch horses at a distance, how they move is amazing. Believe it or not, horses can travel up to 55 miles an hour. Which is as fast as a car! Horse Word Search Puzzle
  15. Meow! The domesticated cat loves his life! Cruising the neighborhood and living as he pleases, he might have the dog jealous! In fact cats spend 70% of their life napping! Who wouldn’t be jealous after hearing that! House Cat Word Search Puzzle 
  16. The baby cat, also known as the kitten, has the best smelling ability of any animal. At four weeks they can smell odors at a long distance. Kitten World Search Puzzle
  17. Pandas are a beautiful animal that we love to see! It might make sense why you see them eating on visits to the zoo as they eat 12 hours a day. Pandas Word Search Puzzle
  18. The Peguin is a very smart animal. Scientists believe there are 17 to 19 species of penguins, but as they research, it’s possible they find others. Penguins Word Search Puzzle
  19. Who doesn’t love pets? The most popular pet in America is dogs. Of course, there are cat owners, fish owners and even reptile owners too. Pets Word Search Puzzle 
  20.  Polar bears might surprise you as they don’t take regular baths. Their favorite thing is snow baths and rolling in the snow is how they get clean.  Polar Bears Word Search Puzzle 
  21. The puppy is an important part of your house! Over 70% of people including their puppy on the Christmas card! Puppy Word Search Puzzle
  22. Rabbits are unique animals. They can turn their ears 180 degrees to hear everything around them. Rabbit Word Search Puzzle
  23. Tigers are amazing animals as they can move over 60 miles an hour. Don’t worry though, each animal has distinct strips so you can tell them apart based on their appearance.  Tigers Word Search Puzzle
  24. Did you know that turkeys are related to dinosaurs? According to scientists, the wishbone is the clue that connect them! Turkey Word Search Puzzle
  25. Unicorns might not be a rel animal, but many people love these animals. One cool fact about unicorns is they can be any color. All you need to do is imagine! Unicorn Word Search Puzzle
  26. Whales are big animals, but you don’t need to see them to know they are there. A whale call is  louder than an airline jet!  Whale Word Search Puzzle
  27. Have you seen how beautiful a wolf is? The biggest animal in the dog family, adult wolves have 42 teeth! Wolves Word Search Puzzle

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