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Chores Word Scramble for kids

Chores word scramble for kids

Chores Word Scramble Printable for kids

The Chores word scramble puzzle might have you thinking about all the things you need to do after work or school. This activity worksheet game means you need to unscramble the words to find out what chores most people do to keep their home tidy. Some chores are easier than others, but all of them need to be done on a regular basis. Just think how much garbage you might have if you don’t take out the trash on a regular basis!

The word scramble for kids comes with an answer key for educators in the free download. And if you can’t find any chores around your home, take a look at this really long list of chores most kids do every week. Have fun!

This Chores word scramble for kids puzzle word list includes the following words: Empty trash, Rake, Walk Dog, Sweep, Laundry, Clean, Vacuum, Scrub, Mow, and Dust.

The educational word scramble for kids puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!