National Puzzle Day

January 29, 2025

We Celebrate Puzzles every year!!

National Puzzle Day Party

It is January 29th yet? On National Puzzle Day, we share the love of puzzles AND you are invited! 

Join in the fun! Share online what puzzles you love (use our hashtag #puzzleday so we can find you), get involved with a local event and play a puzzle! It’s all about having F-U-N on Puzzle Day!

Download Free Puzzles to Play

Wanna play some National Puzzle Day Puzzles? Our free National Puzzle Day activity worksheets the perfect way to solve new puzzles on this special day! Download. Print. Play.  

National Puzzle Day activity Sheets
National Puzzle Day Facts

Looking to find out more about National Puzzle Day? Wondering who started this holiday? Thinking you’d like more information on the different types of puzzles? Well our Puzzle Fact Sheet is full of puzzle details. And we’ve included some information about the National Puzzle Day founder, Jodi Jill. Free to download, print and enjoy. Check it out!

See You On Social!

Our hashtag #puzzleday  is always flying high in January. We celebrate around the world by asking people, organizations & teachers to get involved in the event. Find National Puzzle Day on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

National Puzzle Day information

National Puzzle Day 2025

National Puzzle Day 2025 is coming! During this special time every year, the National Puzzle Day HQ gears up for a big celebration of puzzles. Our mission for the past 20 plus years is to encourage the masses to play a puzzle. What kind of puzzle? Any kind your heart desire. Word Search, Sudoku, Jigsaw, Crossword, Number, Mazes, Escape Rooms, Jumbles and any other puzzle you could imagine. Let’s enjoy all the Puzzles to Play.

Founded by Jodi Jill, National Puzzle Day is a celebration of puzzles which has resulted in an international event with millions of people sharing online their joy of puzzles. She couldn’t be more thankful than to see the classroom pictures and puzzle lovers photos who honor this annual event, taking a moment playing their favorite puzzles.

Questions? Reach out on social OR drop us a line using our contact form! We’d love to hear from you!