National Puzzle Day 2022

Join Us for Classroom Activity and Worksheets

January Celebration of Puzzles!

Classroom  Activity Worksheets

Every year in honor of National Puzzle Day, there is a special surprise. In 2021, we released a special classroom activity and worksheet packet. Technically, these are fun puzzles and facts, no real hard work is required! Lots of fun though!

Our Packet Includes 11 pages of puzzle fun: Weird Puzzle Facts, Word Scramble, Did You Know, Make Your Own Jigsaw Template, What is a Puzzle, The list of Types of Puzzles, Puzzle Matching Fun, Puzzle Poster, Puzzle Maze, and Personal Puzzle Writing.

Social Media Outreach

Our hashtag #puzzleday #puzzleday2021 is always flying high in January. We celebrate around the world by asking people, organizations & teachers to get involved in the event. Share what your class is doing. Encourage everyone to get involved with a pic of your personal puzzle skills. We will share the posts too! Find National Puzzle Day on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

29 Free Books Full of Puzzles

If you are looking for M-O-R-E Free Puzzles to Play, you’ve come to the right place. This website is an extension of National Puzzle Day and you can find over 500 free word search puzzle worksheets to download by clicking around! If you need free puzzle books – well we have those too! Download, print and play with plenty of pencil powering puzzles! GO HERE for 29 Free puzzle books!

Free National puzzle day activity book

National Puzzle Day 2021

National Puzzle Day 2021 is coming up! During this special time every year, the National Puzzle Day HQ gears up for a big celebration of puzzles. Our mission for the past 20 years is to encourage the masses to play a puzzle. What kind of puzzle? Any kind your heart desire. Word Search, Sudoku, Jigsaw, Crossword, Number, Mazes, Escape Rooms, Jumbles and any other puzzle you could imagine. Let’s enjoy all the Puzzles to Play.

Founded by Jodi Jill, National Puzzle Day is a celebration of puzzles on January 29, which has resulted in an international event with millions of people sharing online their joy of puzzles. She couldn’t be more thankful than to see the classroom pictures and puzzle lovers photos who honor this annual event, taking a moment playing their favorite puzzles.

puzzles to play pencil

Puzzle Book Fun: 20 printable puzzles to play! Sent Directly to Your Email!


free puzzles!

You want MORE puzzles? We got ’em!  Grab a pencil and get started!

animal tails word search puzzle picfacial expressions word search puzzle photo

Puzzles to Play!

national puzzle day

Celebrate puzzles! On January 29 every year, we go puzzle crazy. Students, puzzles lovers and people around the world share their favorite puzzles. Founded over 20 years ago by Jodi Jill, it’s a holiday for puzzle fun! Join Us!