National Puzzle Day 2024

January 29


National Puzzle Day is here! Every year on January 29 we pay tribute to those fun activities humans call puzzles. You might like word puzzles- word search, anagrams or crossword, and the like. Or maybe you prefer games where you use your hands and mind like Rubik’s cube or jigsaw puzzles. Or perhaps you feel like numbers are your stronghold with sudoku and math games being your favorites. Or maybe you are looking to compete with friends when you enjoy your puzzle time so you head to an escape room or play board games or video games. There are so many types of puzzles that whatever you enjoy, we welcome you too! it’s all about sharing and everyone is invited to the National Puzzle Day party!

Classroom Activity Worksheets

Celebrate National Puzzle Day with the students! Classrooms, schools and home school setting will love the free classroom activity worksheet (technically these are fun puzzles so let’s call them play sheets!) The entire packet is FREE and available for your use. GO HERE for classroom activity worksheets!

Social Media Hashtag

National Puzzle Day hashtags are our! The best way to share your puzzle craze it to hashtag it OR take a minute to loop us in to your post. Why? We’ll share it, care for it and even thumbs up it! We love puzzles and want to share your fun with the world! So say the word!

Connect on Social:  #PuzzleDay, #NationalPuzzleDay, #PuzzleDay2024 

OK – what can you post? Working on a word game? Send a pic! Have a jigsaw half done? Photo please! Met a puzzle maker? Selfie for all to see! Thinking about puzzles? We’d love to hear it! What is your favorite puzzle? How many puzzles do you complete? Do you find puzzles relaxing? Got a trick to share? Hit us up!

Free Puzzle Books to Play

Psst. Would you like a free puzzle book? This website is an extension of National Puzzle Day. That means you can get not one but 29 free puzzle books. And if that isn’t enough, we have over 500 free word search puzzle worksheets to download to print and play. Whew! You are going to be busy! GO HERE for 29 free books puzzle to play!

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National Puzzle Day 2024