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Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble for Kids

cinco de mayo word scramble for kids

Cinco de Mayo Word Scramble Printable for Kids

The Cinco de Mayo word scramble for kids is a fun activity worksheet celebrating the  Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. Today people celebrate this holiday by remembering the history of the day and celebrating the past. It’s a day where you will find families coming together to eat and spend time. This is a perfect activity for anyone wanting to engage further in this historical moment.

This Cinco De Mayo word scramble for kids word list includes the following 10 words:  BATTLE, CONQUEST,  PARADE,  CELEBRATION,  PUEBLA,  VICTORY,  FREEDOM,  HOLIDAY,  LIBERTY,  and  MEXICO

This word scramble for kids includes a teachers answer key in the PDF download.

The educational word scramble for kids difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!