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Glossy Word Search Puzzle

glossy word search puzzle

Glossy Word Search Printable Puzzle

The Glossy word search puzzle is a look at the items in our lives that have a shine and gloss. Did you know there is a list of shiny things in our world? From your fingernails to a penny and many things in-between, the glossy look is everywhere. Whether you love how it reflects in the sun or how it looks perfect, it’s a wonderful sight to see! Enjoy the puzzle!

This Glossy word search puzzle word list includes the following words:  APPLE,  CHEEKS,  CHROME,  COPPER,  DIAMONDS,  DIME,  DISH,  EYE,  FUR,  GLASS,  GLITTER ,  GOLD,  ICE,  LIGHTS,  MIRROR,  MOON,  NAILS,  NEON, NOSE,  PAN,  PENNY,  PLANE,  POTS,  SHOES,  SIGNS,  SILVER,  STAR,  TEETH,  and  TINSEL

The Shiny word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. No email or mmoney required. All you need to do is download! Ready! Set! Play!