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Christmas Lights Word Search Puzzle

My Christmas Lights Word Search Puzzle

My Christmas Lights Word Search Printable Puzzle

My Christmas Lights word search is a nod to everyone who puts up holiday lights sharing their joy of the season with others. The printable puzzle to play is all about the work that goes in to decorating your place and the word list of the game details what effort takes place.

There are some people who throw up a few strands of lights around the house for the holiday season. Then there are those who spend a weekend decorating the front yard. How many Christmas lights you use depends on how much you celebrate. Trust me when I say the neighbors notice your Christmas lights too!

The best part of the holiday season is getting into the car on a chilly evening and driving around looking at the Christmas lights on display. The work is appreciated by the kids who sip hot chocolate and gaze out the window in delight. So many lights sparkling in the dark to create shapes and show off colors. It’s a holiday tradition that’s fun, no matter where you live!

This My Christmas Lights word search is a words for holiday puzzle. The Christmas word list includes the following words:  BATTERY, BLINK, BRIGHT, BULBS, BUSHES, CLEAR, CLUSTER, COLOR, CORDS, DAZZLE, DECORATION, DESIGN, ELECTRIC, ICICLE, INDOORS, LIGHTING, MINI, NETS, NOVELTY, PLUG, PORCH, ROOF, SETS, SETTINGS, STRING, TREE, TWINKLE, and WHITE

The My Christmas Lights word search holiday puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!

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