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Soup Word Scramble for Kids

Soup word scramble for kids

Soup Word Scramble Printable Puzzle

The Soup word scramble for kids puzzle is a look at some of the yummy foods we eat, in particular the soup! Served in a bowl, cup or even a bread dish, the piping hot liquid with vegetables is always a perfect match for a snowy, cold day. Of course, there are cold soups too! Yet, most people when they think of soup think hot soup. Not too hot though as you don’t want to burn your tongue. They even come with sides. All this soup talk is making me hungry! The next step is deciding which soup to pick up for lunch!

The word scramble for kids comes with an answer key for educators in the free download. Have fun!

This fun education word scramble for kids puzzle word list includes the following words:  Pea, Tomato, French Onion, Chicken Noodle, Noodle, Vegetable, Cheese, Potato, Bean and Mushroom.

The Soup word scramble for kids puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!