Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk like a pirate day birdie

Arr! Matey the seas are calm and the day is fine! If you’re ready to celebrate the Talk Like a Pirate Day in September, we are happy to set sail with you! This year we’ve gone all out with a treasure chest in the corner and plenty of plunder to celebrate too.

Once a year the world takes to the silly side and celebrates the pirate life by dressing up and acting like pirates. The best part? you technically don’t need a boat and we all know it’s nice to see that pirates can be uniquely dressed — so you can really be a pirate of your choosing.

Who started this National Day?

As with any day, the background on how it gets started is always interesting. Technically, this day was started by pirates. We all want to be them too. The carefree lifestyle of living on the ocean and going from town to town getting rowdy. Seriously, I’m digging the idea and so are thousands of other people who love celebrating this crazy holiday.

Talk Like a Pirate Day: A Word Search for Kids on Pirates

gold word search puzzle

Our celebration here at Puzzles to Play is all about the pirate….puzzle that is. We have a fun Gold word search puzzle for kids that offers a serious word list for the pirate in all of us. Looking to expand on this fun day our word game is a printable download that’s free for the taking. That’s right, it’s an easy pirate prize that offers you plenty of fun without all the hassle of raiding a town. I mean you can raid it you want, but the word search for kids is free, so it’s easier to just download and play.

Pirates Don’t Just Talk, They Drive a Boat Too

If you’re thinking of going all out on National Talk Like a Pirate Day, let us remind you pirates just don’t talk funny, they dress up a wee-bit wild and they drive a boat too. Well, the captain drives a boat. Consider your pirate gig when you celebrate this day. Do you want to be swabbing the deck, driving the boat or walking the plank? Typically driving the boat is the best job. I mean the others are bad, but not as good.

If you’re looking for treasure..

Thinking you need more treasure than a single word search puzzle? Well, we have some serious word game booty for you to enjoy! There are over 1,000 free word search puzzles for kids, adults and even seniors on our site. All you need to do is surf over to our search tab, type in a subject and see what puzzle fun you come up with. It’s definitely some serious pencil loot worth taking!