What is a word search Puzzle

The Word search puzzles on PuzzlestoPlay.com are fun and put together by my owner girl. She spends hours coming up with ideas to share with the world. It is fun for humans, but offers me a solid meal and future bones security. I LOVE  Puzzles to Play for these reasons.

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What is a Word Search?

Have you ever wondered what is a word search? The simple definition is that it is a puzzle activity where you look for specific words hidden within a grid of letters. Composed by professional puzzle makers, a word search typically is made by hand and not created by artificial intelligence by a computer program.

Word List Love

Another important aspect of a word search is the puzzle word list has a common familiarity. Meaning if you read the word list, you might have an idea of the word search. It could be a puzzle describing all the ingredients of a salad or the names of United States Presidents. The uniqueness of every puzzle is how the words are gathered to relay a particular topic. It’s the job of a puzzle maker to make the word search exciting and relevant to the subject. 

Why a Square or Rectangle?

The typical word search grid of letters is seen in a square or rectangle box. However, you might see other word search puzzles that are shapes. Diamonds, flowers and even circles are great objects for a letter grid search. The choice of the shape is decided by the puzzle maker.

What Are Word Search Puzzles Called

Word searches have different names, depending on where you find the puzzles. Some people call the puzzles circle and find, search-a-words and even word puzzles. All of the different terms mean the same thing: Word search puzzles.

Circle or Line?

Do you play a Word Search by circling the letters to make the word or drawing a line down the middle of the letters? Good question! Depending on who plays the puzzle, you will see both ways of finding words. There is no incorrect way to locate the letters. The only difference is how you feel about the puzzle after completion. And if you draw a line down the center of the letters to make the words, you will notice after finding all the words it is a little messier than circling the words.