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America Word Search Puzzle

United States of America Word Search Puzzle

United States of America Word Search Puzzle

The America word search puzzle isn’t your typical word brain twister. It’s special! Why? There is only one word to find and it’s everywhere. This puzzle is perfect if you are playing it along or even with friends. Searching for the word USA, you will see it hiding all over the puzzle again and again.

So what is the answer to this word search? Well, we challenge you to find USA as many times as you can. HINT: It’s in the puzzle more than 75 times. Which is pretty cool!

This United States of America word search puzzle word list includes only one word: USA. In a twist of fun, we ask you, the word game lover to see how many times you come up with this three letter word in the word graph. It’s tough because America is literally everywhere! Included in our America word search is an answer key (just in case you get stuck.) But don’t look until you’ve found all the USA words in the puzzle.

The fun word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!