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Baking Word Search Puzzle

baking word search puzzle

Baking Word Search Printable Puzzle

The Baking word search puzzle is a look at what you need to do to be baking. There are so many wonderful bakers in our world and they contribute some amazing sweet treats! There are so many people who are bakers in America, with over 200,000 people working in the field.

The only thing more delightful than backing might be eating those amazing creations! And people who love bakeries are glas these professionals love their jobs as we love to eat sweet things!

This Baking word search puzzle word list includes the following 24 words:   BATTER, BLEND, BOWL, COOK, DESSERT, EGG, FLAVOR, GLAZE, ICING, KITCHEN, LICK, MEASURE, MILK, MIX, OVEN, PAN, RECIPE, RISE, SPOON, STIR, TIMER, TOPPING, WATER, and WHIP

The word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!