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Blue Word Search Puzzle

blue word search puzzle

Blue Word Search Printable Puzzle

The blue word search puzzle is an interesting word game as it focuses on items that are the color blue. So many things we own, see and even use are blue and we come to expect it (without even realizing the color). Did you know there were over 250 shades of blue to decide from? Who knew that most of the shades are actually named to reflect certain things in our life so they are easily identified. 

This fun puzzle reminds us that even the sky is blue. Now all we need to do is look up and check it out!

This blue word search puzzle word list includes the following 19 words:  BELL, BERRY,  BIRD,  BOTTLE,  CHIP,  DOG,  DOLPHIN,  GRASS,  JEANS,  MONDAY,  MOVIE,  NOTE,  OCEAN,  SAPPHIRE,  SHARK,  SHIELD,  SKY, TRUE,  and  WHALE

The fun word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!