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burgers Word Search Puzzle

hamburgers word search puzzle

Burgers Word Search Printable Puzzle

The Burgers word search for kids  is going to make you hungry! No matter how you like your burger, there are so many choices for the perfect burger meal. However, some people will say only a few condiments make a hamburger perfect. It doesn’t matter how people like burgers as much as it does how you like burgers. It’s important it tastes perfect to you and that you are full after the last bite!

Easy to make and filling, it’s no wonder why this food item is as popular as pizza! After all this food talk, I’m starving!

This Burgers word search puzzle word list includes the following 19 words:  AVOCADO, BACON, BREAD, BUN, CHEESE, CHILI, CHICKEN, CLASSIC, EGG, HAM, KETCHUP, MAYO, MUSTARD, ONION, PEPPERS, PICKLE, PLANT, SAUCE, and TOMATO

The food word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!