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little Word Search Puzzle

little word search puzzle

Little Word Search Printable Puzzle

The Little word search puzzle is a look at all the really, really small things. There are so many big things in our world that sometimes we forget just how vital the tiny things are too. Of course, how little something is all depends on your perception. There are several positivity lists on how the little things mean all the difference in the room. Small, bitty, tiny and even a crumb can’t always be measured! Yet we know it’s a small piece that we should be aware of.

This Little word search puzzle word list includes the following  words:  BEAD,  BITE,  BUBBLE,  CENT,  CHIRP,  CRUMB,  DOT,  DROP,  FLAKE,  FLEA,  FLECK,  GRAIN,  HAIR,  INCH,  INFANT,  IOTA,  KERNEL,  KITTEN,  MORSEL,  OUNCE,  PARTICLE,  PENNY,  PETAL,  PIN,  PORE,  RUNT,  SEED,  SLIVER,  TOUCH,  and  WISP

The Little word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!