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 In the Mall Word Search Puzzle

mall word search puzzle

In The Mall Word Search Printable Puzzle

The In The Mall word search puzzle will have your pencil walking the mall. The fun game is a look at all the different things you can do at a local mall (including shop of course) to relax and enjoy life. Every community has a mall (or two) and it’s the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Did you know that the biggest mall in the world is in Dubai with 1,200 shops to explore.

This In the Mall word search puzzle word list includes the following 20 words: ADULT, ARCADE, BROWSE, CARTS, CROWD, DEALS, DISPLAY, DRINK, EAT, ESCALATOR, FOOD, MOVIES, PARKING, PEOPLE, RETURN, SALE, SELL, SHOP, SIT and TEEN

The mall stores word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. No email or money required. Simply Download. Ready! Set! Play!