Ultimate Guide of Free Download Printable TV Word Search Puzzles

Ultimate Guide to Free Download Printable TV Word Search Puzzles

What does word searches and television do when they come together? Well, we find that they have plenty of delightful fun as fans of different shows enjoy word games to play at home. Each one of the free download word search puzzles are printable and there are no strings. That’s right, you can print, play and then get another one! Who says puzzling can’t be fun!

  1.  Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? This Adorable character has brought joy to millions of people around the world. Sharing the true Christmas spirit, this 1965 TV show  is beloved even today!  A Charlie Brown Christmas Word Search Puzzle 
  2. Phil Keoghan travels around the world with teams to complete tasks in this fun reality program known as the Amazing Race. There are 14 international versions of this show (and the word search is perfect for them all.) Amazing Race Word Search Puzzle
  3. When it it award show season, it seems like stars are lining up in Hollywood with their hand out! This year is no exception! The dates of the award shows are alwasy heavy in the first part of the yearAward Show Word Search Puzzle
  4. Cable News has enveloped to bring news nonstop (sometimes we do wish they would stop though) Did you know cable news was created on June 1, 1980 when CNN began sharing news.  Cable News Word Search Puzzle 
  5. The Mirror Ball Trophy is awarded to a celebrity every season of Dancing With the Stars. The reality show competition is an intense show offering a special look at dancing with famous people. While the dancing of  winners changes season after season and the people who exit the show the first week are typically what fans remember most.  Dancing With the Stars Word Search Puzzle.
  6. You might be surprised to learn that Dr. Phil is one of the most well-known therapists in the world. The daytime talk show host offers advice and ideas to people who come to him with issues. Plus, he’s fun to watch!  Dr Phil Word Search Puzzle
  7. Peter and Lois might have you wondering about your life after watching this FOX animated show. Always hilarious (and sometimes a bit overboard) the long lasting series is a staple of television reruns.  Family Guy Word Search Puzzles
  8. Charlie Brown doesn’t just have a Christmas Special, he has a Halloween Special too! The 1966 TV classic has remained a family favorite and is still watched around Halloween every year!  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie  Brown Word Search Puzzle 
  9. The wee hours in the evening are perfect for a little Late night Talk Show. With hosts pitching their jokes and meeting celebrities, the competition for the daily programing, slated right after late local news, is intense! Late Night Talk Show Word Search Puzzle 
  10. Before movies has audio, the world was introduced to the world of film with silent movies. It was the beginning of Hollywood’s capturing of imagination live and  movies from this time perios are considered the ultimate classics of films.  Silent Movies
  11. The biggest boy band known to man is The Beatles. Taking the world by storm, the members of this group traveled the world singing their songs. Even today, if you mention John, Ringo, Paul or George in a music conversation, every assumes you are talking about this amazing rock band!  The Beatles Word Search Puzzles  
  12. The View on ABC is a highly watch daytime television program. Part entertainment, part politics, the hosts sit around a table and discuss today’s current topics. Sometimes it gets heated too! The View Word Search Puzzle View
  13.  The most watch daytime talk show is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Sharing life, movies and new items with her fans, this show has been a staple of daytime TV for years. And it only keeps getting more exciting.  The Ellen DeGeneres Show Word Search Puzzle
  14. TV News Word Search Puzzle might have you wondering about the weather. The importance of local news means you need to tune in to your local station to see what is up! TV News Word Search Puzzle
  15. If you are looking for some serious gossip, a little bit of fun and to hear it like they see it, you need to check out the Wendy Williams Show. Host Wendy doesn’t pull any punches and people love to hear her opinions!  Wendy Williams Show Word Search Puzzle


You are at the end of the free download TV word search puzzles, but don’t fret! We have other big lists of freebie puzzles to play. Topics include animals, your body, holidays and even Disney World word search puzzles