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Water Word Search PRINTABLE

water word search printable puzzle

All About the Water Word Search | Printable Puzzle

The Water word search PRINTABLE puzzle is a look at the precious resource of water with 2/3 of the world covered in water, there are many aspects to this important element of our existence on earth. Plus, there is nothing more delightful than going swimming on a local shore during a hot day!

So next time you think about actually getting in the water, maybe you want to consider just how important this element is in our world. It helps us stay alive, makes sure we can have fun (when we play in it) and keeps us from getting too thirsty! Just watch out for the alligator. Water is so important for our survival!

This Water word search printable activity word list includes the following 24 words:  ANCHOR,  BEACH,  BOAT,  CANOE,  CORAL,  DOLPHIN,  FERRY,  FISH,  FROG,  ICE,  ISLAND,  LINER,  PADDLE,  PIER,  PORT,  RAFT,  REEF ,  SHARK,  SHORE,  SONAR,  SURF,  WAVE,  WHALE,  and  WHARF

The Water word search printable for kids has a difficulty of: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!