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Yogurt Word Search Puzzle

yogurt word search puzzle

Yogurt Word Search Printable Puzzle

The Yogurt word search puzzle offers a taste of this yummy treat. With so many flavors to choose, it is perfect for everyone. If you think about it, how it is served is very unique. Typically packaged in a little cup (or big tub) the weird way people buy it is in a thin plastic sleeve. There are so many benefits for eating this food. Rip the top and suck out the contents. Avoiding the need for a spoon!

This word search puzzle word list includes the following 22 words: BOTTLE, COLD, CREAM, DAIRY, FOOD, FRESH, FRUIT, GREEK, HEALTH, LUNCH, MEAL, MIX, NONFAT, NUTS, PINT, RECIPE, SERVING, SMOOTH, SNACK, SPREAD, TASTE, and YUMMY

The word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!