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Zoo Animals Word Search Puzzle

Zoo Animals Word Search Puzzle

The Zoo Animals word search might have you thinking about all the different creatures who live on our planet. This puzzle focuses on those animals you might see when going to a zoo. Offering a chance to better understand our world and seeing how pretty the animals are, a zoo is a place where you can admire animals from afar as they live.

Since there are so many types of animals, you might not see all of them at a zoo. You will see some of the most amazing ones though. A chance to look at an elephant or giraffe up close is inspiring. Being able to see a turtle eat is exciting. And taking a picture of a lion is super cool too. there are a number of favorite animals to check out at every zoo. With so many zoos around the world, you could definitely go for a full day or two and learn so much about the animals in our world!

This Zoo Animals word search puzzle word list includes the following animal words in the game list: APE, BEAR, CAMEL, CHEETAH, DEER, DUCK, ELEPHANT, FLAMINGO, FOX, GIRAFFE, GOAT, GORILLA, HIPPO, LEMUR, LION, MONKEY, OSTRICH, PANDA, PARROT, PENGUIN, RHINO, SLOTH, SNAKE, TIGER, TURTLE, WARTHOG, WOLF, and ZEBRA

The Zoo Animals word search puzzle difficulty: Easy to Moderate.  This printable puzzle worksheet is a PDF. Ready! Set! Play!