OMG! What can be better than popsicle stick crafts? The chance to create with the kids and find a perfect design using some of the simplest crafts ever! If you’re kids are as excited as mine are about the chance to make things with these thin wooden pieces, then this amazing popsicle stick crafts list for kids is a gold mine.

Before you begin any crafts, consider setting up a space for your popsicle crafts. Obviously you will be allowing space to make the craft, but I am talking about afterwards. The excitement to make the best creation always gets the kids excited when they know it will be on display in the kitchen, living room or anywhere you have extra space. The best place> Has to be the window sill facing the street so strangers get to enjoy a glimpse at the amazing popsicle stick crafts too!


  1. Popsicle Stick Tent. This is the perfect popsicle craft! Grab your gear! It’s time to go camping…one popsicle stick at a time. Frankly, this is a fun activity that the kids will love. Watch how their eyes light up as they figure out how to make a few trees after the tent is made!
  2. The Popsicle Stick Boat. Who knew you could find a whole new world on the seas? This fun activity on DIY Thought is so creative it’s insane! And the kids are going to definitely be fussing over the colors. It’s a wet and wild activity on The Inspiration Edit for the creative spirit.
  3. The Popsicle Stick Fish. Sticking with the theme of water, you can’t go wrong with the fish in this popsicle activity. The kids even named them so when they played later, they had them swimming across the living room. This is another activity at DIY Thought Blog is a little more delicate, but don’t worry. It’s perfect for anyone who loves things that swim!
  4. The Popsicle Stick Snowflake. This is a very cool winter activity perfect for popsicle sticks. It actually reminded me that no two snowflakes are alike and you will see (very quickly) the same goes for popsicle stick snowflakes. The messy Monster offers all the directions.
  5. Popsicle Stick Bracelets. This has to be one of the coolest crafts to use popsicle sticks and the kids are going to love the accessories. Cute little bracelets are all the thing at Crafts By Amanda and it’s easy using her techniques. 
  6. Craft Chick Sticks. Perfect for Easter and springtime fun, these are really cute if you have any leftover popsicle sticks. The uniqueness of this art and craft is one that will have the kids excited to play. Red Ted Art definitely thought of something so cool! Delightful!
  7. Popsicle Stick Flowers. Cute flower crafts by In the Playroom is for kids to make in the summer or even in the spring! This would be lovely for Mother’s Day Too! A flower craft can be made in a few minutes and how it includes popsicle sticks is darling.
  8. Popsicle Stick Bookmarks. The next one is a DIY popsicle stick bookmarks. Not only are these fun to make, you can enjoy your work later when you read a book! Craftsy Hacks offers duel purpose for this popsicle art craft.
  9. Popsicle Stick Superhero Craft Art. Whatever your favorite superhero you definitely will want to see how you can make some fun with this idea. Fun Learning Life gives you a whole new meaning of what is your superpower and how can you share it with others.
  10. DIF Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder. If you want to use your Popsicle sticks more than just a cute thing, consider the DIY popsicle stick bird feeder on Mombrite. Once you’re done with your project you can see the little birdie love their new place to hang.
  11. DIY Paper Plate Watermelon Fans. if you’re feeling hot this might be the perfect activity for your kids with Popsicle sticks. Honey and Lime offers a fun summer activity for the  watermelon stand in your home. Plus awesome crafts to decorate the house. 
  12. Popsicle Stick Sheep. The kids will love putting together their sheep with this fun popsicle stick crafts. Includes a free template for the Sheep’s body at Simple Every Day Mom. She gives the rundown of this awesome activity. Additionally she has another fun craft by  making popsicle stick dragonflies. Check out both!  
  13. Popsicle Stick Dollies.  Those simple popsicle sticks can turn into an entire family. Red Ted Art shows you how you can create all your relatives with eyes, smiles and color. Perfect for anyone who loves to be artistic. 
  14. Popsicle Stick Leaf Butterfly Craft. Combining simple popsicle sticks and a few other things, the Daisies and Pie offers a very cool way to make butterflies. Cute and beyond anything we’ve seen. It’s a definite a must do craft for kids to try.

Popsicle stick crafts for kids don’t need to be elaborate or too tough. The best part of this idea is your child can embrace the simplicity of the item and be creative to make it something more. Watch how the kids will grow on these ideas. From Popsicle Stick Dollies you might see monsters. From Popsicle Stick Sheep might morph into Dragons. The possibilities are endless

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Popsicle stick activities for kids