Have you ever wondered how to organize a jigsaw puzzle to make it easier to play? For the jigsaw enthusiasts, they have a formula to create the perfect start for a puzzle. With 1,000, 500 or even 250 pieces, it’s impossible to fathom, but enthusiasts actually organize the pieces before they begin so the puzzle is easier to put together!

Can you do this too? Absolutely! Organizing a jigsaw puzzle is all about focus. And, yes, it does make it easier to play as you parcel out the portions of the puzzle to make the pieces come together for the jigsaw. Grab your favorite jigsaw puzzle and get started playing!

How to organize a jigsaw puzzle to make it easier to play:

Create space that is Double the Size of the Jigsaw puzzle.

Before you begin make a space that is double the size of the jigsaw so you can easily spread out and look over the pieces. This extra space is perfect to review every piece in the box.

Begin the jigsaw puzzle by turning every piece face up.

You can’t tell the colors on the pieces until every face is showing. After emptying the box spread out the pieces and make sure you can see every color on the face of the jigsaw puzzle.

Put all the jigsaw pieces with a flat side in one pile

The pieces with a flat side indicate these are the frame sides of the jigsaw puzzle. If you like to start the puzzle from the outside to the inside, this is the pile to start piecing together first.

Put all the jigsaw pieces with the same colors in different piles

This means you could have quite a few piles of different pieces that are relatively the same color. Knowing that somehow the pieces connect, it’s the first step in making small images come together. Organize the jigsaw puzzle colors by checking out the packaging to see what are the colors.

Start putting together the different colors separate from the jigsaw puzzle.

When you are thinking about how to organize a jigsaw puzzle, you need to break down each part. In this step you are actually starting to put the jigsaw together, in small areas, which will go faster than just cruising for pieces of the whole puzzle.

After you have small sections completed, start connecting them together

If you have a jigsaw puzzle that’s organized into colors, at some point they colors will come together. Put together the completed piece piles and watch your jigsaw puzzle come alive!

It’s always more fun to enjoy playing a jigsaw puzzle with a friend. Not only can you talk and share the moment, but the extra pair of eyes will help you get the puzzle pieces into the right piles and start to piece together. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening too!

How to organize a Jigsaw Puzzle