New Way to Play Fun Games

Fun online game site without Ads? One of the biggest issues I’ve always had with family friendly online games is ads. Yep, you heard me, Advertisements. Blasting from side to side while you try to play a game, it’s distracting to have ads on the screen, sometimes it cuts into the feed and it’s annoying. Which is why I am excited to play this new site.

Online Game Site Online Game Site

It’s a Different Online Game Site: There are No Ads

In the big world of Internet, the idea of no ads is almost foreign. However, the online game site has actually embraced it. When you start on the site, you will see no pull down, flashing or even sliding ads coming to assault your eyes. It makes the screen clean and clear allowing you to enjoy your online games. And enjoy you will! There are over a dozen games where you can try your skill with words, visual aspects and even speed.

Family Friendly Games to Play on Computers

So if there are no ads, then how many of the games are family friendly? As mentioned above, there are over a dozen fun games you and your kids can play online. I’d go as far to say wholesome fun. While I’m not going to list the whole index of the online game site as that’s boring and even a wee bit ridiculous, I will say that most of the games are perfect for family and are activities that kids, tweens and teens would enjoy playing.

Exploring Solitaire would be your first opportunity to finding what games you might like. The possibilities are endless and you will find there is different games for everyone’s tastes and levels. Add that you can play anytime you’d like (of course, you need to sleep at some point) and it’s a great place to surf over and check out.

Why I love to Play Online Games

Honestly, I’ve been a gamer as long as I can remember. My excitement came after my childhood as before I we didn’t have any computers, televisions and electronic equipment. It is safe to say I’ve made up for it over the years.

These days I have all the games, plenty of equipment and keep up on the updates, but in the end I don’t have as much time. That’s why when I have a few minutes here and there, I go to an online game site to play. Usually, it’s to relax, take your mind off the day’s events, after finishing up on my puzzle making or even to be with the kids as we all watch the screen as one of us play before bed.

Having a go-to online game site is great as you or one of your family members can pop it up online and start playing. The Solitaire site has different games to choose from, so you will love a few, the kids will love a few and everyone will have something to play.

Candy House Game

Candy House on

I admit my two favorite games on this site might be surprising. Last night I was sitting on the couch, working off the stress of a very long day when I came across the Candy House game. It’s one of those games that offer fun ways to relax by focusing on matching color bricks. However, this game has a cool candy house, a timer, and even some peppy music. As you advance through the levels, it becomes more and more difficult to win as you have more obstacles – locked blocks, iced blocks and other things. It’s fun, but you can’t let your guard down or you’ll waste too much time. While this sounds like an adult game, it’s great for all ages, even the kids were pointing out moves I was missing as they were so involved.

Hidden Objects in the Kitchen

Hidden Objects Online Game

There is something very soothing about Hidden Objects puzzles. No matter what your age, you can play and this is a fun family game. Yet, I play it alone every chance I get too. The Hidden Objects in the Kitchen gives you a list of objects on the right side of the screen. You click the objects in the picture. Do be careful! If you click the wrong object, time comes off your clock. The trick is to use your eyes to find all the objects and complete the puzzle before your time expires. Then you continue on to another kitchen, with even more objects.

If you like the Hidden Objects online games but kitchens aren’t your thing, the site also has castle, circle, garden, and pirate among other areas of searching. Each offer different levels and challenge the viewer to solve the puzzle by finding all the different items scattered around the area.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for an online game site with no ads, you might want to check out Solitaire games. I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks now, trying different games and checking out how it works (honestly I was waiting for those ads, but they never came). I did find many games and plenty of family friendly fun.