Really Weird Word Search Puzzle Book

Volume TWO

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weird word volume 2 word search free download puzzle book

The Really, Really Weird Word Search – Volume 2 is part of our 29 book Word Search Free Download Puzzle Book Series!  Get all the free download puzzle books here!

Weird! Odd! Bizarre! Just crazy dude! The Really, Really Weird word search puzzles is a collection of puzzles about odd things. The puzzles are V-E-R-Y cool mind you, it’s the topics that are a little bit whack! And why not be crazy? Just how many puzzles about colors can you do before demanding something new?

Free Book to Download

The weird in this free book is going to have you thinking. From Pushing the Button to Aprons. From Clown College (yes, that’s a thing) to your TV Remote, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you about the brain cells you will be burning on this free download word circle book!

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