Mother’s Day Cards need to be express unwavering love, but no mother will ever say it must be store bought. Looking for a special homemade template or a way to say I love you?  It’s important not to disappoint your mother on this very special day. Offering something homemade is perfect for the kids. If you are looking for a special homemade Mother’s Day card that will melt your mom’s heart, you’ve come to the right place.

Mom is very special. Bringing the best of the day to her is so important. That being said sometimes it’s really hard to figure out what card would be the best. Homemade Mother’s Day card are delicate as they need to be perfect.  

This list is full of homemade Mother’s Day cards for kids. Many of these Mother’s Day cards offer templates that you can quickly download, print, and put together. That way you can spend most of your time figuring out what you will be making mom breakfast on her special day.

Homemade Mother's Day Cards for Kids

Mother’s Day Cards: Kids Make them Perfect

  1. Beautiful 3D Heart Flower Card. Mom Bright has an amazing template that will have the kids saying I love you in a homemade 3D heart flower card. Perfect for the quick solution to sharing your love.
  2. DIY Rose Filled Heart Card.  All moms love roses and what better way to share your love with her on Mother’s Day by making a rose filled Heart Card?  The Ottawa Mommy Club card comes with an easy-to-use template for  the perfect look. The extraordinary Homemade Mother’s Day Card idea is really exciting as it’s so creative. 
  3. Free Mother’s Day Seed Packets. This is a perfect idea for any mom with a green thumb. Download and print the templates on the Hessan Academy website and get started to make your mom’s garden a growing gift and homemade Mother’s Day card.
  4. Free Printable Coloring Mother’s Day Page. Mother’s Day doesn’t always mean a folded card. There are other ways kids can show their love. This free download at Two Kids and a Coupon offers a fun activity that will end up being a perfect Mother’s Day card. 
  5. Mother’s Day Candy Bouquet. If you want a Mother’s Day card with a bit of a sweet vibe consider Down Redbud Drive Homemade Mother’s Day Card in a candy bouquet. It is a fun DIY idea that will have her smiling when she sees all the sweets in this little UK.
  6. Rose Filled Mother’s Day Card. The Inspiration Edit has another version of a Rose homemade Mother’s Day card. This is just as exciting as the other card listed on this list but it’s definitely different and shows your love to Mom. Take a peek. 
  7. Handprint Flower Crafts. Hand prints are a delightful way to make homemade Mother’s Day cards for kids. One of a kind and easy, this craft is perfect to celebrate mom’s special day. Get Your Holiday On has a free tutorial on making the perfect handprint flower craft. 
  8. Baker’s Mom Hearts Card. A different way to say I love you is this cute little homemade Mother’s Day card. Non Toy Gifts shares how to make your heart card in detail and any mom who get this card is going to feel loved!
  9. Free Printable Mother’s Day Card. Some kids want to have a simple template with room to color to make the best homemade Mother’s Day card. At Lil Tigers you  can download the template and then fill in the card for your mom’s special day. and practical! 
  10. Mother’s Day Origami Card. This is an inspirational and creative way to say Happy Mother’s Day. Fluxing Well shares how mom’s next origami card can be perfect! 
  11. Paper Flower Card Craft. Paper flowers are very practical and something that’s fun for kids. At DIY Thought you can check out now you can simply make a flower card  and still offer a very unique card that she will enjoy. 
  12. Pop-up Heart Card Printable. This gorgeous pop-up heart card is perfect for Mother’s Day. Kids will enjoy how the card is created to pop up and Red Ted Art made is simple to understand for a homemade Mother’s Day card activity. 
  13. Mother’s Day Poem Printable. At Simply Full of Delight you will find a fun preschool printable Mother’s Day card with a special poem. The kids can quickly download this sheet and color. Perfect and special for the mom in anyone’s life 
  14. Mother’s Day Card Art. Over at Leap of Faith in you can enjoy a tutorial on how to make a very special Mother’s Day card using art supplies you might have at the house. The kids get the chance to decorate the homemade Mother’s Day card and share it with their special mom. 
  15. Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Page Card. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day card where the kids only need to color Where the Smiles Have Been offers a free printable Mother’s Day card coloring pages. Perfect homemade card or an activity to share with Mom!
  16. Free handprint & Mother’s Day Card Poem. Mother’s Day cards for youngsters might be almost too much, if the kids are young. On Kiddy Charts you will find a fun and unique way to have a free hand print printable card along with a Mother’s Day poem. Put the two together and Mom’s going to smile ear-to-ear.

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