18 Free Printable Christmas Puzzles

18 Free Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

This post covers the printable free Christmas Word Search Puzzles that you can download and play during the holiday season!

These Christmas and holiday word search puzzles are so special to me. I love the holidays! The family comes together and we all have a great time! It’s the chance to be part of each other’s lives without all the interference of work!

As you know, the kids find the holiday season even more special. They dream about what might be under the tree, love seeing their family and loathe the lines at the mall. LOL!

The printable free holiday word search games are a great way to spread the Christmas and holiday spirit! A little extra fun for the holidays!

Some of the benefits of the holiday printable Word Search Puzzles are:

  • Printable Play. Download the puzzles, print and play. Make one copy. Make 10. It’s quick!
  • Save Money. No need to buy holiday books. You can grab these from your computer.
  • Fun for all Ages. Our puzzles are perfect for students, kids, adults and even seniors. In fact, we have families who play the puzzles together (each getting their own copy of course.)
  • Environmentally Friendly. Print out the puzzles you want, don’t worry about the rest. The earth will thank you!

The printable Word Search Puzzles are also great for classroom settings, student activities and even printed out and put in gift bags. The chance to solve a word search puzzle, in any setting, is fun!

Here are the 18 Christmas Word Search Puzzles to play:

Christmas Tree Ornaments Word Search Puzzle
The Christmas tree ornaments word search is a puzzle offering a look at all the fun items we place on the branches of the tree during the holiday
Check it out
Christmas tree ornaments word search puzzle
Frosty the Snowman Word Search Puzzle
The tale of Frosty the Snowman is one that has stood the test of time. This fun word search offers everyone some fun remembering this story!
Check it out
frosty the snowman word search puzzle
Santa’s Sleigh Word Search Puzzle
Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa wouldn’t get anywhere without his transportation! This fun word search puzzle is all about Santa’s sleigh!
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santa's sleigh word search puzzle
Christmas Party Word Search Puzzle
Break out the Christmas music, it’s time to holiday party! The Christmas party word find is going to make you want to eat, drink and be merry!
Check it out
christmas party word search puzzle
Christmas Lights Word Search Puzzle
One of the time honored traditions of Christmas, the opportunity to see Christmas lights in our communities, at the different retail establishments and even on our Christmas tree is part of the holiday fun!
Check it out
christmas lights word search puzzle
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Word Search Puzzle
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is a big part of the holiday season! This fun word search offers a reason to include Rudolf for the season! We just love him!
Check it out
Christmas Morning Word Search Puzzle
The Christmas Morning fun begins before the sun arrives. Racing to the Christmas tree, it’s always a surprise what gifts might be in store! Who doesn’t love ripping gift wrap off our presents?
Check it out
christmas morning word search puzzle
Ugly Christmas Sweater Word Search Puzzle
The Christmas ugly sweater tradition is one that we do love. The uglier the better in this fun holiday event. And boy do we have some ugly sweaters in our closet!
Check it out
ugly christmas sweater word search puzzle
Christmas Shopping Word Search Puzzle
Check it out
christmas shopping word search puzzle
Christmas Tree Word Search Puzzle
Oh Christmas tree how we love to look at you! Decked out in ornaments and lights, you look amazing every year!
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Christmas tree word search puzzle
Candy Cane Word Search Puzzle
The yummy candy cane is one sweet treat around the holiday. The striped canes taste delicious and offer a reminder about the season!
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candy cane word search puzzle
Santa Word Search Puzzle
How well do you know Santa? This word search offers a look at Santa’s special place during the holiday. Cookies included!
Check it out
Santa Word Search Puzzle
Christmas Carol Word Search Puzzle
Christmas Caroling for others is always fun. Singing songs about the holiday with friends and family, you can always bring joy with a song or two!
Check it out
christmas carol word search puzzle
Charlie Brown Christmas Word Search Puzzle
The Charlie Brown Christmas special comes on every year. Charlie and his pals from the Peanuts gang have had a TV special for decades and this word search honors his story!
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a charlie brown christmas word search puzzle
New Year’s Eve Word Search
3…2…1…Happy New Year! Every year we celebrate the calendar starting over and a new year beginning. This word search puzzle reminds us all of the fun that happens when the clock strikes midnight!
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New Years Eve word search puzzle
Sledding Word Search Puzzle
Vroom! The sledding word search puzzle is a look at those fun (and sometimes fast) sleds that zip down the hill. This is what snow was made for!
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sledding word search puzzle
Holiday Photo Word Search Puzzle
Say cheese! The holiday photo is one tradition where everyone comes together, if only for a moment, to capture a moment in time. Smiling and wearing their favorite holiday garb, its the perfect moment!
Check it out
family holiday photo word search puzzle
Holiday Traditions Word Search Puzzle
Every family has a holiday tradition. From building snowmen to looking at holiday lights, coming together to do something special is what holiday traditions are all about!
Check it out
holiday traditions word search puzzle

In Conclusion

If you love the holidays, this is the perfect list to get you started with Christmas puzzles. They are so much fun! If you find that you’d like to check out more word search puzzles, word scrambles or word games in general, we have you covered. With over 1,000 puzzles to play, the next challenge is only a click away.