Wondering how can you recycle jigsaw puzzles? After you have completed a 1,000, 2,000 or even 500 piece puzzle and admired your work, you might be asking what now? The typical jigsaw puzzle enthusiast plays over 40 jigsaw puzzles a year and they have to do something with the puzzles (or think about how the jigsaws would be stacked all over the house).

It you are wondering just how can you recycle jigsaw puzzles, it might be as easy as the nearest recycling bin. They say if you can tear it, it can be recycled. Well, the local recycling people in my area suggests that. So when you consider the simplest form of recycling jigsaw puzzles, it would be putting it in the recycle bin.

Wait…Before You Dump the Jigsaw Pieces in the Recycle Bin

There are other ways that are far more environmentally friendly to recycle jigsaw puzzles and all those pieces too! In fact, one of the best ways to recycle is to crunch up all those pieces you put together, find a zip tight bag and put it back in the box. Then give the jigsaw puzzle to someone else who would like to play. If you have all the pieces, it should be a synch to recycle the jigsaw puzzle.

How to can you recycle a Jigsaw Puzzle

What Other Options are there to Recycle Jigsaw Puzzles?

  • You can laminate or glue the jigsaw puzzle to frame. A recycled jigsaw puzzle would make a lovely piece of art on the wall. Gluing the pieces together is an easy process so you only need to frame the puzzle and hang!
  • Use the Puzzle Pieces for arts and crafts. Perfect to make mini magnets, possible to decorate picture frames and an interesting idea to take portions of the jigsaw puzzle and make coaster, complete with nob edges!
  • Replay the jigsaw puzzle in the future. Perhaps this is a puzzle you’d like to play again down the road. A great way to recycle is put it in the closet and wait until the holidays to break it out and play again. Will it be just as intense? Probably more fun!
  • Flip it over and write a note. This is a VERY interesting idea on recycling jigsaw puzzles. While it is together, flip it over and write a message on the back. Once unassembled give it to a friend. Once they put it together they can read your special note. I know a couple who got married because she was asked on a back of a 1,000 piece puzzle. True jigsaw love!

Quickest Option to Recycle Jigsaw Puzzles with Little Effort

If you are looking at all the options so far and thinking to yourself recycling Jigsaw Puzzles is not on the top of my priority list as I’m a busy person, I feel you! That is why you should consider the quickest option after completing a jigsaw puzzle: donating it. Libraries, thrift stores and even local boys and girls clubs are in need of jigsaw puzzles. Of course all the pieces need to be there, but they don’t mind playing second hand puzzles as it’s still fun! So box up those jigsaw puzzles and pop down to your community drop off to give the gift of one more jigsaw puzzle play!