May the Fourth be with you! Yep, it’s that time of year again where we celebrate Star Wars. Every year enthusiasts who love Star Wars get together to celebrate the series, the movies, and even the characters. This year is no exception. In fact, don’t be surprised if the kids will want to be involved too. That’s why this is such a cool list of fun Star Wars crafts to do. 

We’ve composed a list of things you can do with the kids to celebrate this occasion. Yeah, you could watch all the movies too but getting involved with little activities and crafts brings out the excitement, fun, and education that we all strive to share with the kids. Plus let’s be honest it’s going to be fun too.

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth be with you Day

Here is an amazing overview on some of the fun things you can do on this unofficial holiday, but it really Star Wars Day should be an official holiday. Just saying…

Star Wars Day Crafts

  1. Paint a Darth Vader rock. This is inspiring. And the kids are going to love the idea of painting rocks with Star Wars characters. I love Painted Rocks offers this tutorial to get you started!
  2. Build a Star Wars R2D2.  This cute little R2D2 template, is a free printable that the kids can cut out and make. Simple Everyday Mom offers a perfect way to celebrate the Day.   Find a template on get started!
  3. Star Wars Baby Yoda. Another fun and exciting Star Wars craft is baby Yoda toilet paper roll. This is one way to get enough of that cute little face that Star Wars fans love, yep Baby Yoda! This Is another great freebie from Simple Everyday Mom.
  4. Free Star Wars Trivia Game. Why not see who has all the Star Wars knowledge? This is a fun Star Wars trivia game that even the kids will be searching for who said it. Perfect for any day beyond. Marcy and the Mouse definitely has put an amazing Star Wars game
  5. Galaxy popcorn. If you’re going to a galaxy far far away, you need to have the perfect snack. Think how long that would take you. Well if She can Do It has a perfect recipe for Galaxy popcorn that we can’t rave enough on how wonderful it is! 
  6. Star Wars C-3PO Paper Craft. Best friend of R2D2 is a huge fan of Star Wars followers. This is a great download to play and make. The kids will love this activity and you might want to  Print an extra one to play as well. Easy crafts for kids makes it so simple to do!
  7. Wookie Cookies. Who does not want some Wookie cookies on May the Force be with You Day? We do! Mama loves to Cook has an amazing recipe for you and the kids to make Wookie cookies. Don’t forget to invite us over!  We want one!
  8. Darth Vader Cupcakes. May the force be with you as you delightfully eat one of these sweet treats. Everyone will be  coming to your house when you make these amazing cupcakes on Star Wars Day. Dancing through the Rain has a wonderful recipe that can make a perfect Center piece too. It’s just a  great way to enjoy this day. I know the kids will love it! 
  9. Star Wars  Stormtrooper White  Chocolate Cocoa. If you’re looking for a fun and delicious way to celebrate the Day consider this coca drink. The kid  probably will want seconds. Savings dollars and cents gives a quick recipe to make this amazing drink!
  10. Baby Yoda Crossed From an Egg Carton. Baby Yoda is ready for his next episode of Star Wars. This is a cute way to make this Star Wars character with the kids. Fun Learning Life has all the details with their tutorial.
Happy Star Wars Day

In Conclusion

On May 4th we wish you a great journey! Happy Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be With you and Yours! Or, if you’re a serious Star Wars enthusiast, let us share an official send off: May the Force be with You!