Smart Word Games

Smart Word Games!

Oh, so you want to be smarter? Play Smart word games? Well, you can by playing games, but not just any games, we are talking intellectually stimulating games.  If you’re looking for a new way to challenge your mind, try playing word puzzles like word searches, crossword puzzles and even wordle. 

It’s true that these “brain workouts” haven’t been approved by the FDA as a treatment for Alzheimer’s or dementia (yet), but many people who play puzzles and word games swear they make them smarter and more mentally sharp over time. 

In fact, you might even know someone who enjoys puzzles and they seem sharper after playing smart word games. It’s all about using those brain muscles (and the best part is you don’t even need to take a shower after the workouts.)

So are you wondering how puzzles make you smarter? We thought you’d never ask! Of course, we have a good reason to suggest playing puzzles helps, but we want to share them with you too.

Six Ways that Smart Word Games Impact Your Brain:

1. People improve their vocabulary and grammar skills without being aware they’re doing it. It’s not a chore, it’s fun! If a person wants to have some fun while learning new words, this is the best way to do so! It’s also good for people who want to brush up on their language skills.

2. Problem solving skills. Don’t know the answer? Well, how do you find it? While everyone wants to finish a puzzle, sometimes they need a little extra help. This extra element of puzzle solving means you need to figure out who to ask or where to look.

3. Get creative. Puzzles and word games aren’t the typical opportunity to figure something out. Many times there are more than one way to solve a puzzle. Thankfully that means you can get creative. As the answer might be the same for everyone, there is no reason not to be creative in finding the path in the play. 

And there is More!

4. The power of logic and deduction to pose a question or situation, is a common need playing puzzles and games. It requires players to figure out what happened based on their knowledge and the clues given in the game. Then they have to deduce or logically figure out what is next.

5. Focusing is essential. No matter the puzzle, you need to focus on the actions within the puzzle for completion. For example word search puzzles have letters in a grid players must find words from letters in exact order. It’s not as easy as it sounds because the word or phrase may be hidden backwards, upside down, or diagonally.

6. It’s a Matter of Completion. It’s important for all of us to start something and then stick around long enough to finish it. A valuable lesson for everyone, including the kids, that we need to make sure we complete things. And the reward for completing puzzles is that great feeling you get when you look at the marked up word game and smile inside.

In Conclusion

All of these skills we learn and the ways we get smarter playing puzzles are important in school and later in life. It’s not hard to explain why word games are a fun way to boost your brainpower! And we always encourage people to check out Puzzles to Play where you can download free word search puzzles for kids, adults and even seniors! We love smart word games too!