Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange: What is It?

What is a local Jigsaw puzzle exchange? Simply put, it’s a way to meet new people and change out puzzles you’ve played for new designs. Meeting up with locals, you can easily find new puzzles to play. AND (this is important) people who really love jigsaw puzzles know it’s super important for all the pieces to be part of the puzzle.

How to Host a Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

If you are looking for new jigsaw puzzles and you want to find a few games that won’t cost, it’s time to host a jigsaw puzzle exchange. A local puzzle swap is fun as you meet other puzzle people, find new puzzles to play and talk puzzles! It’s also a great way to socialize with others who love puzzles as much as you do.

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Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:



Required Tools:

– jigsaw Puzzles
– Computer to Make Flyers

Things Needed?

– Jigsaw Puzzles
– Room at Nearby Public Building
– Flyers

Add Steps:

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Find a Place to Host Your Local Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange

The best place to host a puzzle exchange is at a public place. Find out if you can rent a room at the library, the local bookstore or even an area at a local senior center. Since it is technically a free activity (swapping doesn’t cost cash) the room should be at no charge.

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Make Flyers to Announce Date and Time of Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

Make a flyer that announces the date, time and location of your puzzle swap. These should be on paper (could be online too) and shared with libraries, senior centers, senior living communities, churches and other social groups. Also, don’t forget to share the date with local schools, after school programs and other student type groups. An announcement in the local newspaper will attract people as well.

Your flyer should ask guests to participate by bringing their old jigsaws (with all the pieces) and be ready to trade the puzzles 1 puzzle for one puzzle in an even exchange. Also remind people to arrive early for the best selection.

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Find Plenty of Jigsaw Puzzles

You need to have a minimum of 10 jigsaw puzzles to start. For every person arriving, expect they will bring one or two. As the trading starts, you need to outline the equal trade requirements so everyone goes home happy. It’s quite possible that the final 10 puzzle you have to take home will be completely different than what you brought.

Jigsaw Puzzle Clubs

Day of the Jigsaw Swap

Your room needs to have tables lined up on the walls and in the center. Each table should have a table top indicating the number of pieces of the puzzle. This allows people to look at the puzzles and decide on the degree of the difficulty. Additionally, the people coming in first have first pick of the puzzles so they can quickly decide on possible swaps.

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Continue to Swap Jigsaw Puzzles Until Your Time Has Ended

A local Jigsaw puzzle exchange will see anywhere from 7 to 20 people. This might seem like a small number, but it is perfect for swapping puzzles! You will attract individuals who love jigsaw puzzles as much as you do. They take time to stop by to learn more and find a few good puzzles. If you feel it was a succesful event, consider another one in the near future.

How Much Money Will You Save?

While you might have to put in some work for a local jigsaw puzzle exchange, you are going to save big money! The typical jigsaw puzzle costs $30 and if you swap 3 different puzzles and met some new friends, it’s definitely worth it. Additionally, you might even get a few extra puzzles in the process. Many times people will bring more puzzles than they take home. Wanting to share the puzzle fun!

In Conclusion

If you haven’t considered a puzzle swap, you should! It’s a great experience and you can find more amazing puzzles while allowing your wallet to take a break. Of course, if you are looking for more word search puzzles, check out our site as we have hundreds to select from (and they are free too.)