Check out our Animal word search puzzles for kids and adults. They are so much fun to play! Our world is full of wonderful creatures, big and small, that offer us a look at how we live our lives (and how those animals live theirs.) The opportunity to better understand the world we live in is one reason we love animals so much. From the dog who lives at the house to the elephant that hangs out in the safari, the types of animals we see are absolutely amazing! Our animal word searches offer a fun way to explore the animals on earth!


This list of 20 animal printable word search puzzles is full of fun and games you can play at home, at school, in the office and even while relaxing. Each are free downloads (no email required) and each free download are printable puzzles. All you need to do is find your favorite animal word search puzzles, download it to your computer and print it out to play!

Who likes Printable word search puzzles?

Students, kids, adults, activity coordinators and even seniors enjoy free download printable word search puzzles. The word games are fun for everyone.

How do you use a printable word search puzzle?

Simply click the print button to download the free puzzle, then open the puzzle file up as a PDF and print. No email is required.

Are the word search puzzles for kids?

All of our word search puzzles are kid friendly and adult friendly too. We focus on word game fun for the family. With over 1000 puzzles to choose from, you can enjoy nearly any topic.

How do you solve a word search puzzles for kids?

Start the puzzle by circling words found in the letter box that are also in the word list. Cross off each word as you find it in the puzzle. The puzzle is complete when you have found every word on the list.

How hard are the word search puzzles for kids?

Our word search puzzles for kids and adults are not too hard, but tough enough for a fun challenge! We believe every good word game needs to be exciting and we employ real people to test our puzzles. Our solvers range from 6 to 60.

Why do people play word search puzzles?

When you play a word search puzzle it exercises your mind. You learn new words and the search for the word in the letter box strengthens your brain as it works out.

Do I need to circle or draw a line through words found in word search puzzles?

Drawing a line or circling words in a letter box is a personal preference. Either is very acceptable for playing word search games. Do what you prefer to enjoy the game.

Check Out Our Animal Word Search Puzzles for Kids:

  • House Cat Word Search Puzzle. We love cats, kittens and kitties! It only makes sense that we share this amazing (and fun) printable word game with cat owners. And our kitty, Charlie, has reviewed this puzzle with a four-paws review too! Meow!
  • Bees Word Search Puzzle. Buzz! It’s a bee word search for kids. This is all about those hard-working honey making machines! We love bees and you should too. They are small, flying machines that have a special job to do.
  • Horses Word Search Puzzle. We love the way that horses gallop as they enjoy their day. The horse word game is for kids and adults. Showcasing how these amazing mammals live within out world, the puzzle is a hat tip to the pony, horse and stallion in the barn. Ah, we are all wishing for a pony ride today!
  • Pandas Word Search Puzzle. Did you know that Panda bears spend most of their day eating? The giant pandas are amazing creatures, but to keep up their lifestyle, they need many nutrients! Our pandas word search for kids is fun and perfect for anyone who loves this animal.
  • Tigers Word Search Puzzle. This animal word search for kids will have you wanting to roar! The beauty of a tiger is quite stunning and the strips are very recognizable. Did you know that tigers are great swimmers? They really like the water and enjoy a cool splash in the summer!
  • Ants Word Search Puzzle. This very small creature is amazing. Ants can easily lift 20 times its own body weight and they wont hear if you yell as they don’t have ears! They work extremely hard moving dirt as needed too! This is a fun puzzle honoring the ants of the world….over 12,000 species.
  • Cows Word Search Puzzle for Kids. The cows are mooing over this cool puzzle. The average cow has amazing smell and almost 360 degree panoramic vision. That’s helpful when they are living the good life chewing on grass in the pasture!
  • Unicorn Word Search Puzzle. This word find is fun and it’s a special animal we all know. Of course, we assume every unicorn lover is a fan of the unicorn emoji! We use that special symbol on every text we send!
  • Elephants Word Search Puzzle. Did you know elephants are the largest living land animal? They spend hours every day eating and roaming the earth as they have done for centuries. This fun free word game shares a special word list about elephants.
  • Polar Bears Word Search Puzzle. If you’ve seen a polar bear, you know how special they are! The animal word search is all about this unique species. Believe it or not, polar bears eat high fat diets but still manage to keep in good shape.
  • Penguins Word Search for Kids. We have a special spot in our hearts for penguins at Puzzles to Play. The adorable birds are typically found in cold climates, but we’ve seen them a few times at SeaWorld. Every time we are amazed how they waddle about as they live their lives.
  • Animal Tails Word Search Puzzle. What is the best part about animals? Well, it must be their tales! Many animals have amazing tails. Some are long tails. Some are short, stubby tails. Every tail is a little big different, but equally as cool!
  • Grasshoppers Word Search Puzzle. Hop! The grasshopper word game is fun for kids. This special insect can jump between 10 and 20 times its body length without using their wings. Add the wings and they can go even farther!
  • Puppy Word Search Puzzle for kids.  If you have a canine, dog, doggie or puppy, you are a special human! These creatures are full of love and are domesticated animals that live with people. We even has a puppy at the Puzzles to Play offer!
  • Ducks Word Search Puzzle. Quack! This is a fun kids word search about ducks and ducklings. If you have a pond nearby, you might see a duck or two swimming by relaxing as they enjoy their day. As always, you can get lost watching the ducks as they definitely know how to relax!
  • Rabbit Word Search Puzzle. The world of rabbits is fascinating. Did you know that rabbit’s teeth never stop growing? That’s pretty crazy right? So is the fact that rabbit’s ears are so fine tuned they can turn them to hear noises way far in the distance. Amazing!
  • Pigeons Word Search Puzzle. The fun idea of a pigeon puzzle has us thinking about Mary Poppins and Bert. Who can forget the Bird Woman who sat on the steps with all the pigeons around her?
  • Animal Noises Word Search for Kids. The noises animals make is a fun word list for this word search. There are so many animals so it makes sense there would be many, many different noises too!
  • Pets Word Search Puzzle. Humans have many different pets at their home. If you are a pet person, you might have a dog, cat or hamster who is living at your house (and expecting dinner real soon.)

In Conclusion

The idea of sharing our world with free download printable is a fun way to educate as well as learn. Our free printable animal word search puzzles for kids are fun games to play. We just love sharing and we appreciate you taking the time to play our puzzles! Check out more of our fun word searches as we share new puzzles to play!